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Bigfoot Subs

A legendary sub experience featuring Boar's Head Meats!



Inspired by a family fascination with Cryptozoology, we've dreamed up a larger-than-life menu with traditional and unusual sandwiches!





Wonderful place! Friendly staff and fantastic food!!

Tom Derone

Absolutely delicious! Great job, guys! That was one of the best sandwiches that I’ve had in a long time!

Eddie Kiersnowski

I got a Bigfoot Goes to France. Very tasty, the roll was fresh and soft. The store was clean and the counter staff friendly.

Lisa Greenhouse

Good quality sandwiches with fresh ingredients. Not cheap subway quality meats/veggies. Wide selection of sandwiches including many vegetarian options.

Justin Alan

Amazing subs! Fresh bread and top notch meats and cheeses! These guys are doing it right. Thanks for an amazing experience guys!

Chris Hann

Exceptional combinations with amazing quality!! This is not your “subway” type subs. This is unique, creative, and delicious food! My family loved it! Worth every penny!

Melissa Sones


Mon-Fri: 11am-8pm • Saturday: 11am-3pm • Sunday: Closed

(570) 757-7201

101 Kristi Rd, Muncy, PA 17756